First flight

Azur Passion ULM will be thrilled to make you discover a new adventure : FLYING. 
Our microlight plane has two seats : one for the pilote and one for yourself!
  • Come and fly for the 1st time with us !
Take your place aboard our microlight and our certified Pilote will take you for 15min above the beautiful Auvergne's lands. Just contact us to book your flight.
  • If you wish more, do not hesitate to plan a longer trip of 30mn or more and fly further...
Our fully trustable Pilote Cédric Hesling will take care of everything. Just sit and enjoy ! He is very trained and careful about weather condition, plane maintenance, flight rules...You will feel and be totally safe with him for sure.
15 min : 50€
30 min : 90€
60 min : 165€

Learn how to fly

Do you want to learn how to fly ?
  • Just try once !
Our selected Pilote will learn you basic knowledge for 30mn before flying for 1 or 2 hours and you will not just watch you will really fly and hold the control stick !! Give it a try !
1h flight + 30mn briefing: 190€
2h flight + 30mn briefing: 350€
  • Get the microlight Pilote License to fly by yourself and enjoy flying !
Come and be assessed by our totally competent Pilote and then begin to learn how to fly. We do offer package of 10h.
Our Pilote is a certified instructor by the French Civil Aviation Admistration so he is able to deliver the Microlight Pilote Diploma when you will perfectly know to safely fly alone ! Your certificate is valid in all European countries. Please note that if you are already in possession of a Pilote license you will not need to take the theoretical test (multiple choice questionnaire examination). If you didn't get it, you will need to pass it, which is organised by the French Civil Aviation.
Package 10h flight   : 900€
Customisable/Lesson to improve : 110€ / h
Theorical lesson (18 lessons available-1lesson ~ 1h) : 25€ / lesson
Radio Qualification : 150€ (optional)
Navigation : 110€ / h (optional)
  • Take your friend or family aboard 
Get more practical skills and specific qualifications to fly with your passenger.

Are you a parachutist ?

Try to jump from our microlight to get new sensations at an affordable price, really !
 3 jumps package : 150€


Do you wish to take photos from a new angle ?
Take some photos or videos during a flight. You can photograph what you wish, just come and enjoy your snaps. 
We can also do it for you just ask !


All flights are subjected to a weather conditions check before getting aboard.
The chief pilote is the only maker decision to fly or not, and following his authority is compulsory.
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